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Free Pilot
Sign up for a free 30 day pilot to measure the impact of our platform in meeting your needs.
  • The goals of the pilot are completely driven by you - tell us the most tedious aspects of your workflow today
  • We receive a data sample from you, and get to work on automating the analysis you currently do
  • We present, and you decide if we meet your standards or not!
Accrue Subscription
Free yourself from the drudgeries of Excel and Google Sheets. Let us support the pricing work you do!
per data connection/ per month
  • After the Pilot (which is a recommended first step), we should have a good understanding your requirements and needs.
  • We develop an automated data pipeline for each connection (usually via API), freeing you from the challenge of wrangling data
  • Your dashboard and pages are refreshed on whatever cadence works best for you.
  • Advanced statistical modeling is performed for you automatically.
  • Your reporting meets your standards of data accuracy and reliability - you should feel confident presenting results to stakeholders.
  • Anytime customer support (via email or video conferencing)