What is the product?

Our software is designed by pricers, for pricers.

We help pricers like you  measure your impact, identify new pricing opportunities, and automate pricing reporting.

We want to become your operating system for pricing analysis. 

There isn’t really any software available today that is custom built to support pricing professionals like you - whether you’re a Pricing Consultant, Director of Pricing, Strategic Pricing Manager, or some other role in pricing.

There certainly are price optimization tools that exist, but nothing that is custom designed to support the workflow and analysis that pricing professionals like you actually do each day.

Most of the work of pricing professionals lives in spreadsheets, is highly repetitive, boring, and not what you probably signed up for.

In a survey we conducted, pricing professionals shared that 70-80% of their work involved not pricing strategy, but data wrangling, analysis, and managing Excel spreadsheets

Can you relate?

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