My company/client is very sensitive about sharing data with vendors.

Data security is indeed extremely important for most teams, and we also take it seriously.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. We are pursuing SOC II compliance in 2023 - pursuing SOC 2 compliance is a reflection of our commitment to data and information security, adhering to industry best practices for protecting sensitive data
  2. We can leverage anonymized data - we do not require or need any identifiable data to be used in our pricing models. Removing any identifiers in your data set is absolutely ok to do.
  3. We are happy to review any NDA that you need - an important component to sharing data is keeping proprietary information on strategy or approach confidential. We are happy to review any NDA agreement you would feel comfortable sharing.

We take data security very seriously. Sign up for a free pilot  to see how we can leverage the data you provide.

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