How reliable are the metrics/analysis produced by your software?

Great question!

In order for you to really trust the metrics, you really have to both understand the model, and have validation that the model is accurately computing values.

If our model feels “black box”, there is no way you would (or should) trust the analysis.

Before you present any analysis to key stakeholders (your boss, client, Director of Marketing, Sales Manager, etc), you have to have 100% confidence in the model.

Because in a real way, you are putting your own credibility on the line when you share results. That credibility is critical for your ability to persuade and get buy in.

There are plenty of resources we can share on our methodology, but the most efficient way to understand our model is to actually engage in a free pilot.

Here is how our free pilots work.

We hop on a call, and discuss the type of pricing analysis you do today, and the type of analysis that you might want to do (but don’t have the time to do yourself). This becomes the goal of our pilot.

We need to be able to either automate the analysis you’re doing today, and/or deliver analysis that you would like to do.

We get a data sample from you (which can include completely anonymized data), and we get to work.

We deliver your analytics through your custom portal for your review for feedback.

If ultimately this is the type of analysis that meets your expectations and needs, great! We can then convert the pilot to a subscription.

If not, we’ve got you covered. We will send you an Amazon card for $50 for your time and feedback.

We want to create a no-lose situation for you to participate.

If this sounds like something of interest to you, sign up for a free pilot! 

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