Getting buy-in on pricing initiatives is more of a political game than a statistical/mathematical exercise.

Absolutely agree. Pricing decisions are unique in that they affect the entire organization - marketing, sales, finance, c-suite, customer success. 

To successfully implement any pricing change requires both winning recommendations and strategy, as well as understanding the needs and perspectives of the many stakeholders that you interact with.

The key tool in your disposal in winning the hearts and minds of others in an organization (in fact,  the most powerful tool in your disposal) is data.

Entering in conversations with the variety of people you work with armed with the facts, your background and experience in pricing,  robust statistical methodology, and pricing best practices gives you the best chance of persuading others.

The type of analysis we offer does not replace the need for interacting with others in a way that brings them to your side, it empowers you to do that difficult work.

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