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Why Accrue

Most work in pricing today is done in spreadsheets.

The work of most pricing professionals today is accomplished in spreadsheets. Whether it is analyzing conjoint survey data, working with historical transactional data, or building reports. It is time consuming, inefficient, and taking you away from the strategic work you are meant to do.

Automate repetitive tasks

With Accrue, you're able to push the pricing analytics that you are currently doing to our platform.
Think of us as your 24/7 Pricing Analyst.

Measure your financial impact

Your pricing initiatives generate demonstrable  ROI. Using advanced statistical methods, we are able to measure your impact on metrics like revenue, gross margin, win rate, net dollar retention, upsells.

Share your results

Your ability to win the hearts and minds of your colleagues and stakeholders is in part a function of the data and analysis you can bring to the table. Share your Accrue dashboards with stakeholders and clients for ongoing reporting.

How does Accrue work?

Step 1

Connect your data

Typically the data required comes out of your CRM. During our onboarding call, we work with you to pull the data we need. We do all the heavy lifting, and the process is super simple and straightforward.
Rest assured - the data can be anonymized (with no customer identifiers), and we are pursuing SOC 2 compliance.

Step 2

Configure your analytics

We have a library of pricing analytics available for your use - pricing segmentation, price elasticity measurement, historical transactional data analysis, conjoint, Van Westendorp, and many others. We configure your dashboard to exactly the pricing analytics you need.

Step 3

Ongoing analytics

Your dashboard is refreshed automatically via the data feeds we establish, allowing you to get real time insights on your pricing projects. You are able to share your dashboard with any stakeholder and client you wish.

Pricers spend 60%+ of their time wrestling with spreadsheets.

Get your time back.

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