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Without the tools to make evidence-based pricing decisions, your team could be losing out on millions of dollars each year, and throttling growth in the process.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Accrue, we take the guesswork out of pricing decisions so that you can put the spreadsheets and gut-decisions to rest.

Why science based pricing works

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Scaling teams are constantly confronted with challenging monetization questions. Things like how to confidently price new products, or design packages that drive upgrades, or win deals without excessive discounting.

With Accrue, you can stop guessing and hoping. Accrue delivers answers to those questions with automated pricing and statistical models. Less fingers crossed, more high fives.

Think of us as an automated pricing consultant, with all the powerful CPQ functionality you need for your sales team.

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The holy grail of rate cards

Price every deal accurately with Accrue’s Rate Card Management System. Lose the spreadsheets once and for all, and have a single source of truth for all of your product's prices. Version control, revision history, and notifications.

Accurate pricing with deep intelligence

Eliminate excessive discounting with Accrue. We price every opportunity with our Price Sensitivity model, accelerate the discount workflow, and make recommendations for managers on discounting decisions.

Image of accrue chart
Image of accrue chart

Do what works

Predictably generate revenue growth and expansion. Accrue provides real time modeling to test any hypothesis in market, measure results, and systematically improve the metrics you (and your VCs) care about.

We are hiring

We are hiring

Level up your sales team

Get out of spreadsheets today.